Testimonials from theatrical industry producers, executives, reviewers and professors

“An absolutely indispensable theater lover’s guide to how Broadway works.”

Peter Marks

Chief Theater Critic, The Washington Post

“His book becomes instantly invaluable, a gift bestowed with his mastery and comprehension on the subject. It is a book written for the theater student, the aspiring theater manager, the future producer, or even a new producer just beginning. Of course, it is also a book for the theater lover who simply enjoys reading about insider secrets of stage productions.”

Dylan Ward

The US Review of Books

“Invaluable and entertaining- a must read for aspiring Broadway managers and producers!”

Charlotte St. Martin

President, The Broadway League

“Peter Bogyo’s book is an invaluable guide to the work of a general manager and the way a gm fits into the process of making a commercial show. His love of his subject and of the theater shines through unmistakably in every chapter.”

Tom Viertel

6 time Tony Award® winning producer, Executive Director of The Commercial Theater Institute

“Broadway General Manager is a valuable guide to the functions of a theatrical general manager, including clear and detailed explanations of production budgets, contracts, and other critical documents. Because general management touches on all aspects of commercial theater production, the book will be useful to anyone – artist or manager – interested in understanding the production process.”

Joan Channick

Chair, Theater Management, Yale School of Drama

“An essential work for theatre management, producing and arts administration students. From budgets to contracts and beyond, Broadway General Manager makes a case for the crucial role of the General Manager, addressing complex business issues along with the idiosyncrasies of the theatre industry and breaking them down in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner…It is a welcome addition to our curriculum.”

Steven Chaikelson

Director, MFA Theatre Management & Producing Program, Columbia University School of the Arts

“I devoured this book over the last few days. It should be in every industry class at colleges and universities around the country! Bogyo has managed to make the difficult to digest details of what GMs do entertaining and accessible, while not dumbing it down. I’m looking forward to using it as a base text in multiple classes.”

Lisa Dozier King

Director, BFA Theatre Management Program, University of Miami

“Highly recommended for those considering theater as a career and for those who love theater and want to know more about what goes on before the curtain goes up and after.”

Library Journal

“A text book that will be sure to have a life in theatre schools nationwide… Bogyo’s book is certain to serve as a bible for the trade moving forward.”


“Belongs on a Broadway lover’s essential bookshelf!”

Leida Snow

Straus News